Here is a list of common questions and their answers to assist you before calling or arriving at IRT:


Is IRT open to the public? Yes. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. Please call for holiday hours.

What should I bring with me? Per Minnesota state law, IRT requires all customers to provide a valid state ID. Unfortunately, we will not be able to buy your material if you do not have your current identification card with you.

Do my aluminum cans need to be crushed? No – they can be crushed, uncrushed, or mixed.

Does my material need to be cut to a certain size?
Non-ferrous material should be no larger than 4' X 4' (it should fit on a standard pallet). We will accept oversized material, but payment will be deducted accordingly from the original quoted price.

How will I receive my payment? IRT offers our customers convenient and immediate payment via cash or check.

Does IRT accept credit cards? No. Payments to IRT for charge items must be made with cash or check.


Does IRT buy gold and silver? Yes, IRT accepts stamped sterling silver as well as 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k gold. All gold and silver is tested onsite, so if you are unsure of what you have, we can determine the type of material.

Does IRT buy car bodies? Yes, but you must bring the title in with the car and the car must be drained of all fluids.

Does IRT recycle plastic? No. IRT processes electronic scrap, residential and commercial non-ferrous metal, catalytic converters, automotive scrap, precious metals, and steel (ferrous).

Does IRT accept appliances? Yes, for a fee of $15 per appliance.


Do you hand out price sheets? Prices are based on the current commodities market as well as market demand; therefore they are subject to change without notice. Please call IRT at 763-295-6992 for the most current pricing. Please note that although we can give you pricing over the phone, we cannot guarantee what your material is without seeing it.

How can I tell the difference between non-ferrous and ferrous metals? Perform a magnet test: if the magnet sticks to the material, it is likely ferrous (steel); if it does not stick, it is likely a non-ferrous metal (aluminum, etc.).

I am looking for a used part for my car, does IRT sell car parts? No, IRT only processes end of life (scrap) material. When you get a new part, bring your old one in to us!