Accepted Materials...

A partial list of material we accept includes:


Integrated Recycling Technologies is ready to help you manage your end-of-life computer scrap in a responsible and earth-friendly manner, while giving you a great price for your contributions to environmental stewardship and preservation.

IRT is a registered collector and recycler of electronic scrap, holds certifications from R2 and ISO 14001:2004 and follows the guidelines set by the Basel Convention.

We process all circuit boards, memory, hard drives, Pentiums and more on-site. Our in-house shredder gives us the ability to process large quantities of boards and is equipped with a state of the art sampling system. This provides our metallurgical laboratory representative samples, yielding fast accurate results.

Our laboratory is staffed with experienced chemists with fire assay capabilities, x-ray technology and a fully equipped ICP, allowing us to process, shred, sample and fire assay material in under 45 days.

The knowledgeable sales staff at IRT take the time to set expectations with our customers on current trends and values of each circuit board grouping to establish consistent grading and competitive cash pricing.

Because all of our materials are processed at IRT, we are able to offer refining and hedging services, giving our customers maximum precious metal recovery without pricing risk. We stand by our claim of accurate reliable recycling