As you know the importance of electronics recycling is crucial. Neither us nor you want to see electronics end up in landfills. We have solutions for your government agency as well as county landfill.

IRT understands your government agency just like any business needs a recycling service. The importance is crucial. IRT can be that company for you, we have a clean downstream offering services that you can take advantage of. We can pickup from you to ensure that you don’t have the stress of electronic recycling.



Keeping electronics out of landfills is a big priority at IRT. However, we understand that electronics still end up in landfills. Landfills need a specific service and IRT has the solution. IRT understands that state and county landfills don’t always have the solutions to handle electronic recycling. That is why handing off the problem to IRT is the solution. We are R2 certified and understand how to effectively handle your electronics while giving you the best rate for your product.