IRT (Integrated Recycling Technologies) is taking its globally competitive electronic recycling process and moving it to a new, state-of-the-art 42,000 square foot facility in Waite Park, MN.

The move comes after CEO Steve Budd made the difficult decision to sell the nonferrous, ferrous and catalyst divisions of IRT. “It was hard to part with the catalyst division after 20 years, but it proved to be worth all the hard work,” Budd said. “My true passion has always been e-scrap. I am looking forward to growing the business and getting serious about electronic recycling.”

IRT has purchased the 42,000-square foot facility in Waite Park with plans to add another 40,000 square feet in late 2018. Continuing to build their database of individual board assays using their state-of-the-art lab, is what will keep IRT competitive in the world market. “We want to educate and grow our partners, while increasing their profitability,” Budd said. “If they do well, we do well.”

COO David Owens has made partner and will take on an even bigger role within the company. “Customer service will be greatly improved now that we can focus solely on electronic recycling,” said Owens.

Continuous improvement with certifications and increased efficiency of their process will drive IRT’s success further into the future. A new ITAD Division will kick off 2017 concentrating on asset management and data destruction. Rebranding IRT out of the “junk yard” mentality and into the “white glove” corporate electronic recycling world is all part of the plan. Budd is excited about all of the new opportunities to come, saying “We have missed out on a lot of these opportunities but now we are focused on all aspects of e-scrap. The time is now and IRT is ready to run.”

IRT has its sights set high aiming to be the premier global processor of circuit boards and e-scrap. The check list is long but, two critical items have been checked off; concentrate on one discipline and move to a building that will support the high expectations. The industry needs to take notice of the IRT difference: Low Overhead. Unparalleled Pricing. That’s the IRT difference.